Lake Balaton

Summer party at Lake Balaton (Balaton) in Hungary Siofok is the most popular place on the Hungarian Lake Balaton and lies on the sunny south side. The “shooter of the East”, as he liked, is the perfect holiday destination for all those who love looking for beach and Sun in the day and an exciting high life in the night.The nightlife in the town of 24,000 inhabitants is the insider tip of in recent years. Famous DJs from all over Europe will be there the latch in the hand, where especially the techno has settled on scene and made known to Siofok at Lake Balaton. Bars, clubs and dance Temple celebrate with their visitors until the morning hours. New events take place almost every night in the two largest and most popular discos Flort and Palace, and the ticket prices are well below those in the rest of Europe. Held every year in August the spektekulare “Coca Cola Beach House” Festival.

Right on the beach there program over several days of live fed up. Celebrations at sea? No problem, a disco boat places right on the spot. Who would like to sail can learn this or who did it dominated, has a great selection of boats here. Wind sailing and kite surfing are another alternative to enjoy the Lake. For those who like very sporty, can participate in the annual Balatondurchschwimmen and test his condition over the distance of 5 km.

Around 75 km-long Lake, there are many small towns and idyllic bays. If you like, can explore with the horse or recover from the bustle of the beach in the picturesque and quiet hinterland. The international airport, where weekly Charter planes from many German cities land is located west of Lake Balaton. More travel options are the train or your own car. The by far most popular and most widely used option is the bus trip. Just while ABI, the hell is going on closing and holidays here.