Janz Aysinin

This allows you to implement the most complex architectural projects, where the use of conventional heaters can not. Thanks to the incredible expansion coefficient at a time can cause layer of thickness 30 cm, which corresponds to the thermal resistance three-meter concrete wall, while the pressure on the frame design is only 6 kg/m3. Video coating process Foam insulation is Aysinin more than 20 years, used in Canada, the United States, Europe and Japan for insulating the roof, floor, facade or interior walls and insulation integrated frame houses. Warming of the roof or attic – is just three steps to isolate the largest source of heat loss building. 1.

Setting the frame 2. Directly from inside the slab is applied Aysinin. 3. Plating coating materials inside. With Aysinin not need to control the execution of the installation of barriers, gluing seams, and surface preparation.

More – no headaches, that the workers did not survive the complex technology, as with conventional heaters. Thermal insulation of the facade is similar to warming attic. The rate of deposition of the material is impressive – the day you can warm the area up to 200m2, and trim the siding or block-house you can start the next day. Video of the process of warming facade penoyu Aysinin. Aysinin excellent suitable for a frame house when the heater is not extra, but most of the load for the thermal resistance. The material fills the cavity between the outer and inner walls, leaving no any gaps and crevices, creating a strong "breathable" barrier to the movement of cold air, preventing it from entering inside. The technology of open pores allow moisture control in the house, which gets along with air, and thus prevent mildew and damp. With a young family Aysinin can build a wooden house on their own in just 2-3 months. Aysinin – it is really versatile material, suitable for thermal insulation of buildings for any purpose, whether it is architectural complexity in all climatic conditions. This is evidenced by the following examples of world-building as a ski resort in Dubai, Temple Wat Pacman in Japan, shopping center HayBrend in Seoul, ski resort in the Janz-ji and others. More information about the projects using Aysinin in section "Projects"