Jan Kravchuk

Style. Bags are sporty, classic, modern, retro, informal, etc. Well, the material that is important. Leather – a very high quality and durable material. But, alas, is expensive, not everyone can afford to have 5 leather handbags, and yet for someone to even 5 is not the limit. The cost of leather handbags from 1500 rub.

And if we are talking about brand model, and $ 1000. Leather substitutes – if the material quality, the bag occasionally, at first glance, not even be distinguished from leather. A very popular material in the manufacture of bags. The cost of such bags from 500 rub. – it all depends on its quality. A good synthetic looks good and can compete with the substitute skin. The cost of bags made of synthetics from 500 rubles. Fabric – a huge number of bags made of cloth have already found their fans not only among the beautiful half of humanity, but also among men and adolescents.

Bags made of cloth it is basically Representatives of sports and informal style. The cost of bags from 300 rub.Naturalnye materials – such as straw, flax. These handbags have become very popular lately. But they, unfortunately, the season – summer, early fall. As well choose a bag to, and not expensive, and quality, and most importantly fashionable? The main thing, and probably the only rule – bag should you like! Big baggy handbag is still valued as highly as neat and small model. Handbags, is an essential feature of women’s secrets, and differ just by how many secrets are you going to hide them. If you are the active and practical nature, then you need a bag large size, but certainly not the suitcase:) bag fits refined natures, for which the appearance in the first place. But the cautious and organized fit a tiny bag, cosmetic bag. But often the woman is not one, but a few bags. Because usually if you buy a tiny bag (for the exits in the light or special occasions), it can not do without the other – a handbag for everyday use. Or, alternatively, buy a bag of large size, a beautiful and practical, but one day, wearing an evening dress and stilettos, you understand that this, together it does not work. So, ladies, buy a bag in the mood for the cases, large and small, and let each They will be your companion and invaluable assistant in any situation. And most importantly, the bag makes you more confident, more beautiful, and bestowed only positive emotions! Ja