Island Trips Travel In The Lagoon City Of Venice

Venice has also quiet places the sights of Venice are endless, the architecture is unparalleled. The two islands of Sant’Erasmo and Pellestrina show the other side of the city of bridges and canals. Venice travel must mean not necessarily hectic mass tourism and tacky souvenir stalls. Peace-seekers should be simply the “vaporetto” Sant’Erasmo take. 30 minutes the traveller from the Fondamente Novo needed to achieve the largest island in the lagoon of Venice. Sant’Erasmo is not a classic tourist destination, only a few of them is to get lost on the island of four kilometres long and up to 600 meters wide. It serves mainly the supply of Venice with vegetables.

Famous are the Castraure di Sant’Erasmo, young artichokes, as well as the Spareselle of thin, green asparagus. Pellestrina is wider than a few hundred feet ten kilometers long, but at any point. So describes the living Venice mystery writer Donna Leon the idiosyncratic fishing island in North-South direction of San Pietro in Volta until car Oman runs. As it should be, Pellestrina is only by boat to reach past the small lagoon islands of San Servolo, San Clemente, Santo Spirito and Santa Maria della Grazia, Poveglia. The colorful, at most two-storey houses dominate the cityscape of Pellestrina and strung kilometers long. Before that is the long Pier, Riva, which stretches from the beginning of the village until its end and are moored at the dozens of fishing boats and shellfish trawlers. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann