Internet Resource Of The New Type – Wikipedia

In recent years, the Internet is rapidly changing its appearance, and new technology. 'Web' has changed so much that in 2005 even coined the term Web 2.0 '-' the second version of 'World Wide Web, although the technology changed the course of' web ', were developed much earlier. 'The concept of wiki' has appeared in more than 10 years ago, but in 2001 there was Wikipedia. Hawaiian word wiki (translated as 'fast') is a site that allows its visitors to edit information contained in it, and create links to other pages. This technology was invented by an American computer programmer Howard Cunningham and first used on the site WikiWikiWeb () in 1994. User wiki, as a rule, not obliged to register and 'reported' to access the system – protection against bugs or malicious misrepresentation is implemented using version control. All made on the page changes are saved in the database and any time you can return to one of the previous versions.

At the heart of the creation of Wikipedia is a radically new idea – the use of collective mind. Knowledge should be free. This is the main principle Wiki-media Foundation – fund that finances the creation of Wikipedia. Wikipedia – an international encyclopedia, which has sections in dozens of languages of the world, is an online encyclopedia of new generation, a grand experiment in environment for free exchange of knowledge from all areas of human life, whether it be geography, sports or popular music. Wikipedia – a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.