International Calls At An Affordable Price

Now do not worry by controlling the duration of your international calls. Your contacts can communicate with you from any Latin American country to your landline in Spain and pay the payment equivalent to the cost of a local call in the same city. Sounds great, right?. The vast majority of the companies that offer such services today operate reliable. There are very affordable plans, whose fertilizer can oscillate between 15 and 35 euros depending on the services included. Each one offers different services, and may vary in the amount of minutes to landlines in the ciudad-destino with which you want to communicate (Buenos Aires, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, etc in the Latin America case), or the number of minutes to mobile phones, etc.

Prepaid cards offer another alternative. In this case, you can buy virtual balance, at a cost of between 6 and 15 euros. The good news is that you can recharge it when you need it, consult online the details of calls and carried out recharges online, further programming phones from where flames, etc. So take a look at the different alternatives that are offering the best known mobile detelefonia companies and purchase the plan that suits you can already say goodbye forever to the figures exorbitadas in your billing!.