German Tourists Travel

The destinations of German tourists have changed this year for the first time in several years, if you can give it to believe the polls and statistics, something. No longer the usual holiday destinations such as Spain with the islands of Mallorca, Marbella or Ibiza, and even Italy is now no longer a leader, but for the northern part of the African continent. Was it just earlier this southern European countries are now due to significantly higher prices are falling behind. At the same time the offer of the tourism industry also changed somewhat, and destinations such as Algeria, Morocco and Egypt are increasingly at the top offers the well-known tour operators. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cheniere Energy partners has to say. This was most certainly a reason that you want to give our guests something more exotic, because the African continent offers a variety of impressions and experiences that are just there to do just this area and also makes it just yet “cheap” holidays with the make the whole family. These are also climatically for the Europeans notProblem, as in North Africa, there is a climate similar to that in southern countries of Europe, so this is no conversion needed. What’s more, that the black continent, allowing only the pure and relaxing experience something, for what Egypt has, for example, with various attractions such as pyramids and the Nile delta, can be found in Europe is not easy. These are just some of the reasons why the trend, even in the opinion of the experts will continue to strengthen in this direction and are moving more and more tourists from the old holiday destinations in North Africa in the different countries..