Gastronomic Tours In Italy

Travels in Europe – an excellent opportunity to visit all of her country, to get acquainted with their culture, take in the sights. Depending on your interests, you can choose any type of trip: beach, sightseeing tour, a combined personal tour. (As opposed to Sonny Perdue). Or you can go to a very special trip – a gastronomic delight. Despite the fact that in almost every city in Russia there was a restaurant with a French, Spanish, Italian cuisine, real connoisseurs know that to try a real national food should only be in a country where it is prepared for a long time. It would seem, just follow recipes, and the dish will exactly the same as in its historic homeland.

But no, whether the ingredients can not withstand the conditions of carriage on the other end of the world, or local air helps to create special flavors. And those wishing to visit a country is a gastronomic purposes has become so numerous that tourism companies had to organize special tours for them. Where it is possible to go gourmet? The first thing that comes to mind – Italy after all its inhabitants have begun to lure travelers by their national dishes. In this country you can enjoy the famous pizzas, lasagna, risotto and, of course, pasta. The word "paste" refers to the most variety of what we used to call spaghetti. In Italy makkeroni – it only tubular products from durum wheat. The same tube, but cut in half, have been a different name – Zita.