French Billiards

There are five types of billiards, some of them are more popular in Russia, some in Europe and America. "Pyramid" or russian billiards. A large pool table with a narrow luzami – they are only a few millimeters wider ball. So beat them is not easy. Played the 15 th white balls and one color – a cue ball. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David Goldfein offers on the topic..

The most popular variety – "American." It differs from other games of Russian billiards in the fact that every ball can hit the pocket any ball. Scoring difficult, but interesting. american pool or billiards. Table with a wide luzami lower than the table for Russian billiards. Played the 15 th small light-colored balls.

Nearly half of them striped. There are several varieties: "Eight", "nine", "14 +1". Balls to score easier than Russian billiards, but suggests a serious positional play. Lay the balls to in a certain order. The most popular among young people. snooker or English billiards. Table is not very different in size from the Russian. Large pockets with rounded edges. Billiard cloth at the snooker table, unlike the others, with a nap, which combs from front to rear board. Balls even smaller than in the pool. In snooker play the 15 th red balls, a white cue ball and 6-color. Each of them costs certain amount of points. The one who attains the most points. Snooker is now rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. Basically it is keen on the youth, after watching broadcast snooker championships on channel Eurosport. Carom or French Billiards. Played on a table without pockets in three balls: two red and the "nominal" cue – white and white with a point. Pts players get behind the cue ball collision with other balls and boards. Kaizen – finnish game. This type of pool combines elements of Russian billiard and carom. Played with five balls: two red, yellow and two full. The balls are the same size as in Russian, but easier. The party is up 60 points. Players get them both for the collision and acted in the pocket for balls.