Flowering Time

Color seas are popular holiday destination in delicate pastel shades the awakening of nature from the long winter sleep is announced. What begins with first tentative shoots, Cascades down soon in a real torrent of various colors of young flowers. As a long-awaited signs of spring, they are sympathetically received by the people. The online travel portal ab-in-den-urlaub.de informed what cherry blossom here are particularly impressive. The Provence is immersed with end of winter in tender purple. Everywhere, the lavender starts to unfold his flowers.

A potpourri of the dried plant or one of the countless paintings, which hold the impressive abbeys of Provence with Lavender field, reminiscent of souvenir long after the holidays the Empire of fragrances and colours. Japan, by contrast, is covered with the beginning of spring by a soft pink carpet of cherry blossom, Sakura. Starting in March on the southernmost of the main Japanese islands of Kyushu, pulls the flowers slowly northward and reached finally in may extreme north of Hokkaido. The exact beginning of flowering differs from place to place and is documented in Japanese media, a weather report, carefully. With great anticipation, the Japanese look forward to playing only about ten days of color. Under the quiet rippling flower rain is celebrated then in parks and gardens extensively.