Fishing In Tiberias

On the other side of the boulevard is the famous fish market. Fishing in Tiberias is very developed. Every morning, dozens of boats sail from the shores of the Kinneret, to return with a sparkling fresh fish, which is then sold on the local market. Next to the market – a popular restaurant, famous for its falafel. Thousands of people come here specifically to eat hot and tasty balls. Official site: music downloads. Hosts happy to offer you to try falafel in the hope that you stop your choice on their institution. Located opposite a large municipal park hosts concerts and festivals, open to the public. In Tiberias, is worth a visit and Donna Grace House – a museum-palace, dedicated to Gracia Nasi, who saved from Spanish Inquisition persecuted many Jews.

Because of this wealthy woman in Tiberias was built Jewish city. The rich exposition of the museum in conjunction with Renaissance music, Donna Grace tells the story of long ago bygone era. South of Old Town is the National Park Hamat Tiberias, with its seventeen healing hot springs, whose waters contain about 100 minerals, and have a unique therapeutic effect (Incidentally, the water temperature reaches 60 degrees). The healing properties of the place known for over 2000 years. From time immemorial it has attracted people. These sources of water fed by the famous Hot Springs mineral spa, Tiberias, offering visitors a thermo-bath, beautiful and unique massage therapies. Here you can relax here and relax and enjoy spectacular views Kinerate. Lake Kinneret in For thousands of years people serve as a source of water and nourishment.