Entrenched Misconceptions

Sometimes it happens that the person is sure of something wrong, live with such conviction for a long time or even a lifetime. For example, someone somehow convinced that the Easter Island in the Atlantic (although, in truth, he – Ocean Pacific). And this man, if he never looks at the map of the world will think so by end of his days. Roughly the same thing happens when learning a foreign language in that case, if the emphasis is on comprehension of written language. All of us, when we read, pronounce the text himself. The same thing happens when we read the text of a foreign language. And sometimes we sometimes lazy, looking in a dictionary word translations, corner of my eye slip and transcription, to know how the word is read. And further, inventing the basis of writing, the sound of words, every time we when working with text, to pronounce it incorrectly, and thereby anchoring the wrong skill.

Thus, in English is the word 'none' ('no'), and the majority of Russian people pronounce it 'non', although it must be 'nan'. Incidentally, in those languages which use Latin script, often writing the word does not coincide with his pronunciation. Case that Latin was developed for the Latin language, and pretty bad passes phonetics of other languages (eg English, French, German). So do not be lazy to learn the correct pronunciation of words, but then your knowledge language will be inadequate..