Emotions Fantasy

Fears In the presence of something new can look out when we feel that an unknown inner emotional door can be opened, instantly comes fear, which acts primarily to mechanisms to protect us, but sometimes also to isolate. Fear warns us that something in our environment has changed, the perception triggers the protection mechanism, and this, if this well-balanced act accordingly, evaluate the situation, actively adapt, and act before it nuevoa a incorporating or rejecting it. Now here we are writing of fear in reference to cambiosa we choose to get to achieve fullness and freedom, then you should be aware of the fears that act as resistance to new, unknown to assume and act by evaluating the pre made from -trial. Whenever we are about to make a positive difference to our existence, there will be fear of loss of the known situation, this situation even if we damage is the usual, is the companion every day, is what has led us, perhaps in ways harmful to scenes in which we participate, but without doubt, to the scene where we stand, but has a high amount of displeasure, should also provide some degree of comfort . This convenience is sometimes difficult to take, we do not lose it. In many situations the disguise blaming our partner, our friends, the environment, climate, not to take responsibility for change, because change is inherent in any effort, and in this movement is essential detached from the comfort of complaint. Fear is also a whimsical pattern that lets us see a new bridge, but can freeze them so you never get across.