Egypt Vacations

Holidays in Egypt is popular among many of our countrymen, and they choose that country not only because of low prices, although this criterion has a big impact. In a question-answer forum Symantha Rodriguez was the first to reply. Egypt has a set of unique qualities that make a trip to his Resorts excellent event. First of all, it should be noted that since the bygone days of real rest, we considered a vacation at sea, and every tourist trip from Moscow to Egypt, but like any other city – it is trip to the shore of the warm sea. If we consider the various options for a beach holiday, you can select a number of popular destinations – Turkey, Spain, Thailand, Maldives, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Greece and other countries. In the summer of in these countries the best beach vacation, as from June to August in Egypt is very hot, 45 degrees, but low humidity helps to transfer heat more easily than in other places.

The water in the Red Sea is warming to 35 degrees in the surface to 22 – in the depths. Thanks to this summer, the warm water rushing into Egypt diving. Also in the summer here rests the youth, good tolerance and heat conducting a lot of time in nightclubs and discos. Debbie Staggs can provide more clarity in the matter. However, for most tourists in the summer is better to go to Turkey or Spain, although it will cost a bit more expensive. After the end of summer, the situation is changing – Egypt is becoming more attractive option, and a beach holiday in Egypt on New Year's is especially popular. In winter, the Red Sea coast during the day the temperature does not drop below 20-25 degrees, no clouds in the sky that can get a quality tan while water temperature does not drop below 20 degrees.

It may be noted that on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, winter temperatures can fall below 10 degrees, so that for a beach holiday at this time is only resorts Red Sea. At the same time, the resorts in Turkey and Europe is too cold to sunbathe and swim. As already mentioned, many tourists are attracted by great deals on tours to Egypt. The closest option price is Turkey, but still cheaper to holiday in Egypt. From distant countries such as Thailand, the Maldives, Cuba and the like, there is not one that can even come close on price to Egypt. While in Thailand, you can rest relatively inexpensive, yet it cost half as two more expensive than in Egypt. If we consider an exotic holiday in the Maldives or, especially, in the Bahamas, the price difference is just huge. In Egypt, there is an extensive industry, serving travelers that favorably distinguishes it from some lesser-known tourism destinations. Vacationers can find a variety of conditions, from the economical and fairly modest to expensive and luxurious. In this case, the Red Sea for all of one outside Depending on the cost of the permit. Also, holiday in Egypt is attractive opportunity to join the mysteries of the past centuries – in fact it is born and developed the powerful and mysterious civilizations. Also from Egypt can go on an excursion to the neighboring countries to visit Jerusalem in Israel and Petra in Jordan. Finally, in Egypt you can see the unique local flavor, which is very different from our lives. If you have not visited Egypt is rapidly becoming a ticket and go to this amazing country.