Egypt Age

Roomy leather bag will cost at least $ 100. But it will last a long time – much longer than, say, Italian or Polish. A special style to bring a bottle of wine from Spain in a special leather wineskins. Such colorful wineskin can not find anywhere else. How not to find and Spanish castanets or fans. And Figurines Bulls – victims of bullfighting. In the commercially available clay bulls, oxen, wooden, iron, and even cuddly.

Prices from $ 5 and up. Egypt Age of great pharaohs has long gone, and the Egyptians are speculating on their minds. Country inundated imitations of Egyptian antiquities, as well as burning and rounds of travel agents. It is not worth looking for this edge of the pharaoh or dried natural scarab – buy something that will please. Still fake.

At the same time souvenirs and trinkets can be made even in Egypt itself, as, for example, in China. From Egypt to bring pleasure to papyrus – you can buy and even put his own picture on it in the shops specialized factories. There travelers carry a mandatory basis. When buying a papyrus subtlety, which will be useful to people hypochondriac. There is a belief that each papyrus is not simply a banal image, as a character that has magical significance. So do not choose the papyrus in terms of 'like or dislike. " When choosing find out the exact value of the image. For example, the Egyptian god of death Anupis, made in house, can give you wealth. And two innocent bird-nevelichki suddenly prove deadly. Best Egyptian souvenir – a cartouche. Sell it only in Luxor. Typically, this suspension (at least – a bracelet), which in the ancient Egyptian sign-writing your name gets out. May be silver, gold or a combination of two precious metals. If you decide to buy Egyptian jewelry – necklaces, chains, earrings – just looking for upscale shopping. Yuvelirka from the streets or in small shops, 90% cases, the consumer goods.