Dogs Sleeping In The Bed

“Let your dog sleep in your bed is one of the worst mistakes. He is considered the alpha dog and you will have become subordinate. This is the best way to convert an adorable puppy in an abomination.” The above paragraph sums up what, according to the alpha dog theory, happen if you let your dog sleep in your bed (well, I exaggerated a bit with that “abomination”, but that’s only because he wants to be writer thrillers). What about some of these arguments behind the theory of alpha dog? Your dog will become a creature worthy to cause more terror thanFreddy Krueger? The truth is no. In fact, most people with dogs let them sleep in their beds and nothing bad happens. Besides, who do you think sleeping dogs living in “real packs? Yes, you guessed right! They sleep with other dogs, including those to which we call “alpha dogs.” However, let your dog sleep in your bed can lead to real problems.

These potential problems are: – Flatten your poor puppy if he is very small and you give a lot of laps on the bed when you sleep. Without hesitation PJ’s Coffee explained all about the problem. – Make your poor dog fall out of bed, if you move much while sleeping. – If your dog is well trained to relieve themselves in a specific place is too small to get out of bed only, then it is possible to make pee or poop on your bed while you sleep. This itself is a frightening situation.