Countess Plaisance

Available to visiting tourists from Kharkov, from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.00 to 19.00, Monday is from 12.30 to 19.00. Parthenon Temple, also called the Temple of Athena the Virgin – a magnificent architectural masterpiece, constructed according to mathematical and engineering calculations of Phidias, is known for its perfect and uncharacteristic this time contours. Erechtheion – pleasing their subtle forms Ionic temple period, became known for stories with caryatids – statues that represent the contours of curtained women in the composition play the role of the columns. In the era of the Turkish authorities, there was a sumptuous harem. Argolida – Peloponnese peninsula located north-east. Travel on the national road will necessarily lead to Corinth Canal, where tourists will be able to enjoy the views of this majestic building late last century, and also in Mycenae, which, as described in the myths, the hero Perseus was founded. The ruins of the old city, Lion's Gate, the tomb Agamemnon or storage of countless riches of Atreus – Character Trojan War, along with the palace 'Golden Mycenae', the tomb of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, resemble each tourist from Kharkov historical events from the sixteenth to the fifth century BC.

Theatre of Dionysos – in these places at the southern tip of the Acropolis, were shown to the public performances of the manuscripts of Sophocles and Euripides, and Aristophanes' comedy funny Menander. Museum Gulandrisa – store items and also Cycladic culture of antiquity. Byzantine Museum housed in the magnificent former home of Countess Plaisance, which was built in the spirit of the Italian Renaissance. The beautiful mosaics that have survived intact up to us to ancient times in Greece, you can see near Athens in the church of the eleventh century monastery of Daphne. Benaki Museum has a collection of priceless treasures and objects of Byzantine art. At the corner Panepistimiu, is one of the most remarkable buildings in the Greek capital – the Palace of Ilion, there once lived a famous explorer Henry Schliemann Archaeology. Delphi. Near the beautiful and mighty Mount Parnassus still in the fifteenth century BC, were objects of worship and beliefs: first – a sanctuary of Gaia – Goddess of the earth, then, at a time when both the myth, Apollo slew Python, bloodthirsty dragons, he has organized on this earth oracle became known as the 'Delphic'. Amazing figures of wrestlers and Kleobisa Beaton, friezes from the repository of wealth sifneytsev, world-famous statue of the Charioteer, cast in bronze and a huge number of ancient cultural sites, will provide a wonderful holiday.