Corporate Souvenirs

Souvenirs with a corporate logo – a necessary component of effective promotion. Souvenir – a key carrier of information about the company (logo, brand, company website). It is important that this information was available to the client and his team, worked on them for a long time, and often bright (due to the singularity). Well, if you choose a souvenir meets the following criteria: It is a functional thing Use it to long, not only by the client, but also its surroundings Corporate souvenir must often fall to the attention of viewers It has a surface sufficient for adequate display of information and logo He is unusual enough, has some flavor Let's see how it works through various souvenirs. Let's start with a ballpoint pen with a corporate logo. The main advantage of this simple souvenir – functionality.

True, there is a category of businessmen, who wrote a gold pen. In addition, the handles quickly get lost or written with and discarded. Make the handle of the original is quite difficult. Another drawback – the visual distortion images such as logos from the surface of the cylindrical bending. You can fight it only by reducing the logo, and thus sacrificing detail. Conclusions about the relationship's strengths and weaknesses can do yourself. As part of gift sets, pen adequately, but as a separate souvenir is not very resource.

Another example – a souvenir calendar. The advantages speak for themselves! First, the time of use. Unlikely souvenir pen is able to live a whole year. To house the calendar, and, consequently, how often and how many users will access it, depends on its design. Successful, for example, seem magnetic attachment to determine possible locations for its placement. Most likely, this surface will be cooler at home at the client or metal office furniture. In both cases, the number of viewers increases. Calendar – A flat surface, then distortion of information will not be. Small in size due to the detachable design enhance its appeal, since under such a calendar does not have to devote too much space. There is only one disadvantage – limited period of use, though not small – 1 year. Another souvenir for comparison, the magnet on the refrigerator. Presenting it to the client, you get over any restrictions on the term of its use, however, sacrificing some functionality. But this souvenir, like a calendar, located in areas with the largest attendance. What makes a man most in life? That's right, opens the refrigerator door, and with a sense of anticipation something delicious. The same feeling of the client will feel at every glance at the logo of your company, thanks to the law of associative connection: "The proximity in space." Discreet reference to the name of corporate site at any time to help him get up to date and comprehensive information about your company, its products and services at any time. Such a souvenir can be quite unusual at the expense of creative images or lyuminoforosoderzhaschih of materials that can store light and emit it in the dark.