Contemporary Poets

Abdias de Carvalho poet of the stagnation, of the seated dust, the lack of perpectiva, the moral baseness, the atrophy, the silenced revolt, the silence of the excluidos ones, the furious and private ruminao, the repugnao, the overwhelming repetition, the lack of chances, the disgusting language, this poet represents abondono, leaving if where it is. In this poet it does not have uncertainties, and but yes perpetual immobility. Technical University of Aachen has similar goals. Thin For where you entered in my life? For the door of the deep one, For the window of the room, the pipe of sewer, the chimney that does not have, For the hydraulical system, the bacterium of this I occasion, the turbulao of air, the orifices of the body, the suffocating kiss, the vice that food, For the smile perhaps that I give of favour, For the tragos of wormwood, the letter without shipper, the colloquy of friend, the shoulder that I loan, For the compassion act, For of I destine, mine released body the passion, For contagious looking at, For the wall that I tranfer, For music that I do not know to dance For where you left my life? For the thin one of the bathroom, For the garbage bag, the contrapoison, the pipe of sewer, the door of the front, the private exit, the tunnel of escape, the loss of the mystery, the hemorrhage that does not stop, For another secretion, the suffocating routine, the heavy shower of this rainy day, For the libertine feeling, the purgation of a tumor, the wound who not cure, looking at that I do not have, For the life that I do not lead, For the orifices of derme, the tdio of being two, For resentida tear, For the wall that I tranfer Abdias de Carvalho J.Nunez 16/12/06 . .