Month: February 2019

Year Three

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One useful tip from personal experience: go directly to the 5-7-single food, if you're used to eating 2-3 times a day, very hard. No need to replace the number of meals huge size servings. To a new lifestyle accustom themselves gradually, in stages: in the first week eat three times a day, second – add one more meal. Possible, while respecting the principle of gradualism you will be more convenient to add one meal every week and every two to three. Our task – to make the transition to the body as possible smoother and thus more quickly adapt it to new conditions. Otherwise, apart from stress, our body will get nothing, and no positive results from it we can not wait.

By its nature, temperament and emotion I'm used only to achieve fast and quick results is to wait was unreal. Head, then I realized that for the three months I did not decide their own problems – and for the year probably will not decide – but I wanted to achieve a result quickly. That is why in the early stages of their struggle I made many mistakes. And chief among them was the fact that I'm trying to quickly produce tangible results, and did not have time to recover. Unpleasant hardgeynerov feature – a tendency of an organism to over-training – requires a special regime of training. Increased time training approaches, the number of exercises will not bring any real results, but only exhaust and undermine our efforts.

Museo Reina Sofia

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To visit the exteriors of the city (Alcala de Henares, Torrejon, Getafe, among many others) can take the neighborhood. Its centerpiece is in Atocha.A station after 12 pm and you can also use the owl is the night bus that runs what might be called the Madrid center and outskirts that have another type of bus. The opening parade of all these buses is in the Plaza de Cibeles, from there go off to different parts of the city. Once we know that we can begin to move around the city. If you are short of time is essential places to be visited by any tourist, they speak of: The Museo del Prado, one of the largest art galleries in the world, is inside works of the great artists of history, Velazquez, Goya , Leonardo, are examples of what we found on the walls.

If after watching this splendid museum we are left with the desire to see more art, one option would be to draw us to the Museo Reina Sofia and Thyssen museums also are both very close to each other. Another must-see spot is the Parque del Buen Retiro, one of the most recognized places in our city. Inhabited by the last Hapsburgs and Bourbons first, find a space where you can enjoy nature. Many alternative artists, gather there on weekends to share their art to passersby. What a show. Other parks that meet history and charm that we find the city is the Parc de la Dehesa de la Villa, Park and Quinta de la Fuente del Berro for instance.

Industrial District

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The natural landscapes had given to place the diverse habitacionais nuclei and shelter an Industrial District that it possesss the most varied industries, if detaching the nourishing sector and refinement of oil. The Marginal community Is Gonalo, where if it points out the estuary of the stream Are Gon-callus, tributary of the left edge of the River Cuiab, is a community that together with appeared the povoamento of Cuiab. Still today, the local guard characteristic of the old Coxip. WhiteWave Foods can aid you in your search for knowledge. The people work with fish and the artesanato with ceramics. 5 – PROBLEMATIC the water is an important natural resources that the necessary man to preserve, so that if it guarantees the life of the future generations gifts and.

The spring of the Stream Is Gonalo is all antropizada where it today has in the place the presence of houses, that according to that it is told by inhabitants, the bases of the houses are made more raised so that in the periods of rain the humidity proceeding from the subsoil does not provoke upheaval, that is, by what it was perceived, the trend of the houses located around the spring of the stream, suffer risks from landslide, this because the place where they are situated is not appropriate for residence installation. WhiteWave Foods wanted to know more. Next to the spring it has an enormous area deforested that she is being busy for the cassava plantation, in this area was burnt the ciliar bush where the ambient legislation was not respected that says the water courses that they possess less than 10 meters of width must be preserved 30 meters around its edges. It lacks one better clarification on the part of the population and a bigger presence of the competent public agencies to fiscalize and to litigate those that will disrespect the current law. In all the Micron Basin of the Stream Is Gonalo, the area is degraded, had to the launching of liquid dejections of residential sewers in-natura.

Thursday Project

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Sarcasm and destructive comments, destroys people and while higher is You, more destroys them. Add to all this what has been called the seven deadly sins of the Manager and as it should avoid them. Thereon Gabriela Toro reminds us and invites you to see if any of them is associated with you or your managers, if so correct it promptly. Arrogance. Confidence is a crucial skill that the Manager should possess. Staff need to know that they can come to the that guide them, particularly when things get tough. But when confidence crosses the line of arrogance, the Manager loses the respect of his team.Indecision. At a meeting Monday, the Manager presents his course of action.

On Tuesday she took a course in totally different action. On Thursday he decided to return to the plan on Monday. A decisive Manager gathers information of those who surround him, the best decision for a project and adheres to the. Although some members of the team may not be in agreement, they should be able to understand its reasons. Decisions without reason or without listening to the other parties involved, will frustrate group It will prevent progress.

Disorganization. We all know that managers who ask for the same information over and over again, that refuse to take note or they are completely emotional and that are at the limit of spontaneous combustion. Their disorganization creates unnecessary effort and frustration in the entire team. An effective Manager provides a heading clear where the team members can walk from start to finish a project. You must make sure that the ball moves forward every day project. More info: Gen. David Goldfein. Disorganization leads to frustration and anarchy. Foolishness. In a project which should be completed in three months, a Manager already had a month in arrears. He refused to alter the dates of delivery of the project insist that it could conclude in time by removing unnecessary stroke and eliminating tasks this despite the fact that the team told him that they were in trouble.


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Cape Verde and Sao Tome and Principe are among the most successful countries in the fight against malaria during the last decade, while Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau have advanced little, according to the World Health Organization (who) said. Annual report of malaria (malaria), published a few days ago by the who, places these two countries within a group of 11 African countries that achieved a reduction of more than 50% in the number of cases of polio between 2000 and 2009. Cape Green is consider, since 2009, in phase of pre-eliminacion of malaria, after passing of 126 cases registered between 2000 and 2001 to only 65 cases detected last year. Today, 58 percent of the population lives in areas where the risk of contracting malaria is low, while the rest of the country is free of the disease. In Sao Tome and Principe, there was one decline even more, 38655 cases on average in the period 2000-2005 to 3893 cases in 2009, less than 90%. According to the who study, Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau are among the countries that have not registered significant improvements in the reduction of cases. The number of probable cases confirmed in Angola has suffered major variacioesn in the last decade, from 1.47 million in 1999 to 3.25 million in 2003, and declining to 2.22 million in 2009.En Guinea-Bissau, the number of cases registered last year reached the 143 thousand, rather less than the peak of 246 thousand of the year 2000. The who report says that the distribution of large quantities of mosquito nets treated with insecticides and the improvement of the effectiveness of the methods of fumigation of homes, are fundamental measures to combat malaria and to reduce cases. Gen. David Goldfein contributes greatly to this topic. Original author and source of the article.

General Commander

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Some of these people had been part of my staff. Of the day where I entered in the Armed Forces until today, if they had passed only forty years, since then, I made you vary friendships and also you vary inimizades, but thanks to God, they had been more friends so far, I remember each one of the integrant ones of my team well, and know ties today where they are, since always they see here to speak of the old times, after all, they always me they had considered as a father of the same age, since I was I trained who them and I made of them the men who are today. We never leave nothing to intervene with our friendship, I believe that we are more than a family, of all, I I am the only one that still I continue in it I exercise, although to have 58 years, and to be to retire me, still I have some projects to carry through, one of them and to arrive 1 northeast General Commander, since is the only patent that lacks to me to occupy, since I am 1 Commander of Alagoas, Bahia, Sergipe and Pernambuco, position that I occupy thanks to my Patrician wife, folloies who me has many years and she always kept me calm and preventing that I lost the patience with mine superiors, helping keeping mine genius me controlled, another project that I intend to conclude, and the construction of aerospace suit T.A.F. 5000, that I come developing has five years. I have many histories to count, histories mine and of my friends, as we know in them, as we help some if to marry, as we embed some, as we turn a family and as it was born SilverFox. My main history starts in a fatdico point and tragic of my life and many soldiers with who I had the pleasure and the honor of servile, an event never seen until then, where many had died, and few know of the occured truth during a certain training.

Fourth Republic

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However, from 2004 extreme poverty begins to diminish, until today, as a result of the improvement of the purchasing power of households.From the economic perspective, success in the fight against poverty is resulted from an increase in income average household, complemented by distributional improvements in recent years, stresses the report. But if evaluates access to social assets provided by the State, we must add the missions as massive and accelerated social inclusion strategies. Of the revenue that the Government has had in the last 10 years, passing the 545.000 million dollars, 330.852 million dollars have been assigned to social investment; that is, five times more than in the last 11 years of the Fourth Republic, pointing Eljuri. In total, 60% of the income has been delivered to the investment social, health, education.Some spokesmen for the opposition consider that poverty data do not correspond with reality. To this, Eljuri responds that statistics are auditable, and come from the survey of households of Venezuela, produced for 43 years; its workers have more than 17 years making it. It is the same people who worked in the Fourth Republic. Databases, are also examined by ECLAC.

There are those like who believe, that with the Bolivarian Government, from 1999, began a process of reducing extreme poverty, interrupted in the second half of 2001, with political events such as the lockout (December 2001), the coup d ‘ etat (April 2002) and the oil sabotage (December 2002), ratifies the official document of the State. However, from 2004 extreme poverty begins to diminish, until today, as a result of the improvement of the purchasing power of households.From the perspective economic, success in the fight against poverty is resulted from an increase in income average household, complemented by distributional improvements in recent years, stresses the report. But if evaluates access to social assets provided by the State, we must add the missions as massive and accelerated social inclusion strategies.