Month: October 2016

Los Mutantes

Published / by Syd

For all lovers of retro games! Pay attention to this world of the mutants free online flash game a very interesting shooting game that what really draws attention. The classic shooter game will take you to the epicenter of events in the distant galaxy. The alien invaders trying to conquer the world of mutants. You’re playing by the mutants defendores and only with your help they can resist the invasion. The player must break through all the troops aliens and kill the Boss.

All 6 this shooting game levels are quite challenging. Fortunately, your character is upgradeable, which means that you need to take all the extras, which, in turn, is not easy at all, so you fly and struggles in a small army of combatants. In addition, your weapons become more powerful and at the end you will face with the boss. With your progression through the game aliens quantity quantity is constantly growing. Suffice it to say, that it is not a big problem kill enemies, the most difficult of the game is to avoid them, also tries not to crash with the aliens, they are moving and jumping.

Shoot constantly, their bullets don’t kill you first, but even a slight contact with them is fatal to it. The form of controls in the game is quite complicated, is a bit difficult to maneuver among the enemies, especially when you’re not alone, is probably the most unpleasant element of the game. The only thing that can save your life flies in eight and circled for greater radius of damage. Move with the arrow keys and shoot with the help of the mouse. The music adds a sense of quick action and a tone of nostalgia for fans of retro games. A fresh gameplay and unforgettable futuristic atmosphere are guaranteed! Fans of shooting games will surely appreciate this free action game. Original author and source of the article.