Verona Travel Tips

With Julia and Romeo, Padua, Verona and Vicenza, Italy attracts many tourists every year. Combipix presents you this cities with lots of photos and notes. Northern Italy has Verona, Padua, Vicenza and much more. every year millions of tourists. Get maps, photos, tips and clues around this part of Italy. 1 Bibione to Padua 140 km / 1:40 h / 26 euros (8 motorway toll) 2 Padua to Vicenza 44 km / 0:40 h / 7 euros (1.70 euros motorway toll) 3 Vicenza Verona 59 km / 0:50 h / 8.50 euros (2.50 toll) 4 Verona to Bibione back tour 215 km / 2:20 h / 32 euros (12 motorway toll) (information: 2009) country map of Italy – Italy map this card free print out? 1 Bibione to Padua 140 km / 1:40 h / 26 euro (8 euros motorway toll) we start our tour in Bibione. \”Bibione is a tourist destination, the best with Empuria BRAVIA in new\” can compare. On a promontory extends an artificial city that awakens only in high season to life.

\”Special savings tip hotel\”: There are many new beautiful hotels in Bibione. Therefore rent cheap accommodation in the off-season in this place. Special savings tip tank\”: gasoline prices vary quite strong in Italy. So, price fluctuations are not so rare by 15 cents between two stations on the same street. In particular you should make sure that you make use of any tank service, since this is usually a higher price with. \”\” At gas stations, information such as service \”or no service\” precede the dispensers. The Selbertanken can save you up to 15 cents per litre.

We drive on the motorway direction Padova. The highways in Italy are subject to toll. With Padua you can visit one of the oldest cities of Italy. According to the legend, Padua was by the the Trojan Antenor founded in the year 1184 BC.