United States

He rang to dream, nightmare smoker? Probably, but precisely on such nasty printing is that it rests the strategy which is designed to the country more inflamed oil on the planet. The only way out to this judgment of war into which have tunnelled to Venezuela and Colombia is the urgent creation of international and regional alliances, so weigh in the interest of those who look to the interior of the continent. Do UNASUR and his security force still goes in shaping plans? this same, incidentally, is an accelerator of foreign aggression. We must hasten progress. Well known that an eventual war Chavez (or defender of their homeland) is only on the play, accompanied as always by the solidarity hypocrisy of UN and weak-kneed countries respectful of the right of the people unable to risk a concrete help in the background. United States isolate Venezuela and everyone will say many things, as always, but it won’t be anything, which Cuba. And posts already in such eventuality of aggression and isolation of Venezuela end, wouldn’t the United States nothing more those who would attack, alongside their Colombian dogs of war, dreaming of invasions and expropriations: it’s a body move more immense, more acuciada by its need for oil resources, most closely linked to industrial civilization who sees next sunset reef.

Something like Chavez against the world: USA, Europe, the UN, the treasonous Governments of Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, etc) and the Clique internal opposition lame-botas Venezuelan, anxious of colombianizar to their homeland. Santander emerging from his grave to finish blur the footprint of Bolivar. The domes of the power by placing the peoples in their aged third class carriages. And it rolls the progress! Author original and source of the article.