Think Andrew, Think

Any attempt of overcoming is valid. I think that this humanity is touching living a special moment in its history. This time, in the that technology is breaking boundaries, Internet is doing. We are all United in a single knowledge. I do not think, and as I said with the excuse of all historians of the world, that we should look to the past. I believe that we must look forward, to predict what is coming to us. Study and analyze how we will behave to find us all United in the same network. I guess that after receiving this email, awoke in her the need to answer me, suddenly because something of what I told him, I encouraged his curiosity to learn something more about my opinion.

Then sent me the answer, which read as follows: Hi Andrew, you cannot imagine how much I appreciate your message. We could talk long hours. But I stand the first impression that I think provoke you my words i.e., suffer from an exaggerated patriotism. Yes, actually I love my homeland, not in an abstract way but as one social collective together with others, others who are unfortunately discriminated against, where 6 children die every day from malnutrition. Am not the only complaint was that in our country there is not only poverty but very close to palacio de gobierno and extreme poverty but somebody has to explain that situation and why we need to know the history, the past in good time everyone had opportunity to overcome it. The technology is a product of the advancement of science, I am not against it, if that they seize her own benefit. History is a social science, with certificate, is based on scientific knowledge not on assumptions. Thank you very much for your opinions, I will always be talk to you my greetings to Adriana and hopefully could send me Pirucha photos.