Are you a beginner in the Thermographic inspections, as well, this article describe you the methodology to start a thermographic inspection. Unifor is a great source of information. Keep in mind that only is a guide, may vary according to the type of inspection. Speaking candidly Unifor told us the story. -Coordinates with your client or supervisor schedule and list of equipment to inspect several days in advance, in order to draw up a route and estimating time in hours or days as the case. -To the inspection service and its subsequent analysis of results must consider the standards of the current regulations of the country where you reside and the internal regulations of the company where you will perform the inspection, you must deliver before starting inspection such as: work plan (schedule and route), form of risks, security plan, plan of environment(, plan of contingency, among others). -Suggest to your supervisor or client, to appoint a technical staff to facilitate access to computers do inspected, for example opening of electric panels, remove the protective micas and other obstacles that might impede the Thermographic inspection.

-In each installation you must inspect thoroughly each circuit, computers and their components, joints, connections, terminals, carrying out an analysis by each shot by comparison by areas, i.e. the temperature of an element or object are taken as reference in conditional normal and compared with another element which present anomalies (inspections which must be supervised by your customer). -In order to rule out false hot spots, all hot spot found will be analyzed considering the type of material, environmental parameters and approaches from different angles in order to eliminate distorting factors (reflections of adjacent hot bodies, solar reflectance, emissivity, etc. variations). -In case of finding points hot you must notify immediately on site to your supervisor or client using a format notice of hot spots. These are only recommendations, is left to the judgement of each termografista follow these recommendations or other steps to follow.