The Silver Anniversary Will Be Celebrated After 25 Years Of Marriage

If a festival is celebrated, certain rituals may simply not be missing things, so also at the wedding celebration. With this unique experience in life, everything should be pre-planned and well-organized. All weddings have in common, namely, the recurring anniversary. In order not to mention all the wedding day in detail now, we will restrict ourselves to a substantial and truly beautiful day in the life and although the silver wedding, which is celebrated after 25 proud years of marriage. What passed for a great cause, at least 25 full years or fourth century through thick and thin.

In celebration of the silver wedding everything is decorated in silver, so that marriage retains its value. Silver happens to be stable in value, thus symbolically the decoration compared in silver. The celebration takes place in the large family style, everything will be invited as well as rank and sound has only families. Even the circle of friends and colleagues, of course, get an invitation. After at least 25 years, since probably a lot of guests come together, usually there are more than 100 and more. For the celebration usually rented an entire ballroom, but when the weather and enough space in your home is, you can also rent a large tent, where guests will find plenty of space.

It is eaten, celebrated and you can get many wedding congratulations, said on German “man makes the dolls 25 dance properly “and that one should. Costs should not be spared and because most of the silver wedding couples do not do that. If it is celebrated correctly, and then with a silver wedding. Often, the party goes until the wee hours and there is a lot of dancing and drinking. Guests have such beautiful memories of this day that is talked about for years to come, so the motto “You remember … ..”! When that day is over, you can seek the next wedding, namely the “Pearls Wedding”, which is celebrated after 30 years of marriage.