The Music Box

They can embrace. Of course, that their place can be loved that you gave them! And they are so soft! And yet they are different. Can be ordered in the darkroom matter with a photo and make it a pillow =) as you with this? And there's a good thing ikea – there sell original bags with my hands! Give favorite rukastoe heart, let it embrace it on your behalf. And still on the cushions can embroider labels or even sew them yourself! Any pair of figurines figurines. Swan, Bunny, pigs, the dove and the turtle, a fish with glazikami and sauna with a basin! Listen to end this notorious 'my bunny'! everything is described in detail! One figure – you, the other – your beloved. Gadgets in the course are all nice little things are like a pair figurines. The Music Box in the form of a heart can play 'your' music, watch with your overall picture will be counted once your total time in place of wooden beads, where each bead burned the letter of its (his) name, you will be the object of his passion, and the screensaver, given it will contain all three words 'I love you'. Here the field for the imagination is not limited to: the hidden meaning that is understood only two of them can find even the crimson-colored soup ladle! The card you are very fond of their other half? Very, very? Love so that they are willing to talk to her about it endlessly? Well do it! Weakly to paint a big, very big card to fine-fine hand, only one phrase 'I love you' .