The Good

– To make our own job stream as well as a backup of the archives of the project Following the client, can have other measures that we need to add to the list. The possibility of future works We must be always alert and to take each opportunity to let the land fertile do new businesses, assuming the fact that we can to be able to turn a present project into months of future guaranteed work. The way obvious to do it is to approach our present clients and to verify if they have other projects in proceeding we can even suggest some alternatives, like the possibility of maintenance of the new Web site, extensions and improvements of the programming, etc. Without forgetting to leave in them that semillita to us of restlessness on the infinite possibilities of seeing its Web like a marketing tool. With a finished project, we have a new item for our portfolio. Reason why also we must be useful to obtain a good testimony of its experience like client our: it is for that reason that during the development of the project we must in good condition have present the value of the good image that we are leaving the client, therefore good a testimonial combined to a showy material of marketing can make a great difference in convincing possible new clients to be decided to work with us. If you want to make of the project a great project for your professional interests one that can ayudarte take a step ahead you can obtain looking for it to give a great value him added to your services, speaking with your client about the way in which they glide to realise the launching of the new project Web. There are many options of benefits to persecute, for example, it can be a great opportunity to put our logo in a commercial publication or to even look for to be present in the launching acts, the key is here to project the client who to include us in the launching stage can be very beneficial for his interests, or because we will do an animated presentation to him gratuitous or because we will collaborate with logistic the technological one of the events, etc.