Teen Relationships

All have overcome the different stages of life or what holds for us, people are born with a gift that little by little we are developing, at the beginning we let ourselves be carried away by our impulses, but then make sure that is the right thing in our society as we grow, the more complicated stage is adolescence, we are not children nor adults… So who we are? We are a mixture of fun, challenges and revolutionized hormones, one step away from innocence to wisdom, that is, to the adult world. Teenagers we tend to worry about the colegio:si will repeat the course, if we move on to the next, if we adopt a review and are nervous for having done even though we have made many previously, if the teacher shall suspend you image: in this case more girls than boys, tend to be most of the time in front of a mirror for our appearance and be continually repeating like a parrot: Are you sure I’m fine? Do I have good bangs?, leave Me the grate? embadurnan the boys of perfume and deodorant and then they try to capture the attention of the girls with their image and if we need to join a gym, friends, freedom, vital space at home, believe that older people don’t understand us or they want to; clashes with parents…One of the common ones that make the reason we lose and we lost in the clouds is when we fell in love with, is a veritable madness, gives us by making nonsense and jokes with friends more often. We laugh most of the time, we embobamos with what surrounds us and constantly think about that person that we consider so special…If everything is happiness, that is the question, but la vie en Rose is not always seen as there are moments in which one feels bad on the inside and just paying with whom he has at his side, teenagers are so, like an electrocardiogram which rises and low depending on our mood frequently, sometimes we’re too depressive or are we to give screams of jubilation.