Technological Learning

The relation with knowing is the relation with the time. The appropriation of the world, the construction of itself exactly, the registration in a net of relations with the others? learning? they require time and never they finish. This time is of a history of the species the human being, who transmits a patrimony to each generation; of the language that produced the citizen and that it will produce (Charlot apud Hoffmann, 2001, p.57). 3. The LEARNING IN the TECHNOLOGICAL AGE According to Sancho (1998, p.29), before century XX the technology is configured as a body of knowledge that beyond using the scientific method, creates and/or transforms processes material.

The vision of the technology as applied science moves away the space from the creation and the human being of what he is technological. In the century XX, in the decade of 50, the term enclosed an increasing gamma of ways, processes and ideas, beyond tools and machines, appearing a new concept that involved the ways or the activities by means of which the human beings try to move or to manipulate its environment, also was used as ' ' science or knowledge aplicado' '. Then, the term technology was associated with the changes, manipulations and action on the basis of the scientific method and its use and applications bring individual consequences for sciences and, consequently, for the social set Sancho (1988, p.30) comments that all and any technology goes to the few and gradual creating total new a human environment. In the vision Sancho (1988), the technology constitutes a new type of cultural system that reorganizes the social world and when choosing our technologies we become in them what we are and in such a way we make a configuration of our future. Lvy (1998, p.62-64) when fighting to the argument of that the Internet would be an elitist luxury affirms that the television, that it is also a communication terminal, is in the homes of the people most modest and that would not be a nonsense to conceive that, daqui to some years, all the homes can be equipped with terminals of computers.