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Downtown Samba Technology

Published / by Syd

On this disc there were dance numbers with lush rhythms (Night Flanger, Eternal Legs, Bostich). Music compote contain a fair amount of humor, such as in compositions Downtown Samba and Coast to Polka. Instrumentation were somewhere between contemporary classical music and influences of Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Park Medical Billing Inc.. Released a year later the second drive in comparison with the first had a greater severity in the arrangement. The earliest albums were excellent examples of sample based technology, representing a fantastic realm of sounds. Critics have also noticed that the lyrics Yello populated most outlandish characters – wily enchantress, salespeople, advertising the nesusvetnye things, the agents secret police and racing driver, twisting in his chair an imaginary steering wheel.

Conquest of the Swiss world began with the release of records You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess. The album enjoyed both public and critics, and songs of I Love You and Lost Again became hits. The compound word games in Dadaist texts with elements of modern electronic music created a certain atmosphere and facilitated the emergence of the army of fans. Before working on the album Stella, unable to endure the dictatorship Blank, the team has left Carlos Peron. But his departure that he changed little in the ensemble, which already had a studio with the latest technology. To record a duet CD for the first time invited to the studio musicians to accompany classical instruments. The album had an extraordinary refinement and a much livelier and more energetic than their predecessors.


Published / by Syd

The tubes or boxes that were built up in a dry dock and then moved by flotation to be sunk in the channel bottom of the bay of Havana, where he previously had dug the trench where deposited and achieved after three years of work, and the work became a reality the longing bind in a fast and convenient Havana thus thought to be the Ciudad del Este and a string of beaches of enchantment with its white sands and crystalline waters. It was enough under the sea through the bay of Havana and this was done in seconds. The idea of shortening the travel time between the city and beaches of this certainly was not new. For many years they could get to them all along the bay and was forced use of bad roads, which made the journey very uncomfortable .. Already in 1910 or 12, Dionisio Velasco, engineer and owner of vast tracts of land in the east of Havana, he designed a bridge that would run on the bay between the Avenida del Puerto and the heights of La Cabana.

It was the appropriate solution for the time. But the project never got beyond that because the U.S. vetoed the Congress …, which argued that in case of war the destruction of this road would cause the closure of a port of strategic importance such as La Habana.