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Civil Liability Coverage

Published / by Syd

Civil liability insurance is one that is intended to cover damages that we could eventually lead to a third party, these involve the physical damage to persons; and material damage, including other vehicles, urban furniture, etc. Insurance of civil responsibility extends to the policyholder, spouse, and any member of the family living in the property of the insured, who maintain the use of the same car. This is the only mandatory law, since vehicles could circulate without another type of insurance but not without it, if not we will tell you this, all damage caused to persons involved in an accident would be covered by our own. That Yes, must take into account that do not fall damage to oneself, because as you said, it is a third-party insurance coverage. Compulsory Civil liability insurance limits were established by law in 2008 in these quantities: up to a maximum of 70 million euros in case of damage to persons up to a maximum of 15 million euros in the event of damage to vehicles and property. Explaining insurance civil liability must mention that there are two types, mandatory and voluntary civil liability, the volunteer is that we can or not to hire, and is responsible for expenses that may escape the quantities of compulsory insurance. The purpose being pursued is to ensure almost unlimited coverage to the insured and which in any case have to pay damages that might occur in a sinister. Voluntary Civil liability insurance is limited to a maximum of EUR 50 million per claim. You know, to take out insurance of civil responsibility, nowadays with so many cheap insurance companies, insurance you will find suitable to your needs and your pocket.