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Minimum Holiday Allowance Act

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The trial period should be specified in writing. If employment contract concluded for an indefinite period, the probationary period may not exceed two months. If the employment contract concluded for a definite term, the maximum probationary period will depend on the duration of this particular term of the agreement. If a fixed term agreement less than two years, the maximum probationary period is one month. If a fixed term agreement of two or more , the maximum probationary period will be two months. If the term of the employment agreement specified no time, and, for example, the completion of certain projects, the probationary period can not be more than one months.

Only in accordance with the collective labor contract month probationary period may be extended to two months. In any case, the trial period should be the same for both the employer and the wage for employee. Probationary period, which for one side more than another, or which exceeds the maximum period is invalid. Commitment from the employer's basic obligation employer pay the employee's work derives from the definition of the contract, given above. In principle, the parties are free to decide on the amount of wages subject if provided a minimum, as defined in the Act on minimum wages and minimum leave payments (the Minimum Wages and the Minimum Holiday Allowance Act). Employees aged 23 years or more are eligible for the minimum wage, more Young employees are entitled to a percentage of the minimum wage.

The Act also provides that the employer, in principle, obliged to pay holiday pay, make up a percentage of Currently it is 8% of the salary of the employee. In addition to selling benefits the employee is entitled to a vacation. Annual leave equal to at least quadruple the number of days spent in a week according to labor agreement. An employee who works five days a week, thus, is entitled to at least 20 days' annual leave.