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Kasakh Dishes

Published / by Syd

Depending on the conditions in Uzbek cuisine, table-cloth cover on the carpet, on the couch. It is recommended to pick up a tablecloth, dishes to put to her, well shaded and have a nice view. The table is served and dishes devices monotonous style and colors. For each visitor put on one plate, and right away put a fork, a knife (sharp side edges toward the plate). Spoons and forks should be placed concave side up. Cruets with salt, pepper and vinegar and put closer to the middle of the table and napkins folded triangle or the cap, put on a snack plate. More info: iPhone 12.

If paper napkins, they have to put in a glass and put it on an empty seat. For Various festive table wines put on the table in the uncapped bottle. Depending on the type of beverage in each unit and put a glass cup for drinks. In addition to hot dishes, beautifully arranged on the table sweets, cold appetizers, salads, fruit. This is precisely the uniqueness of the Uzbek serving table, it allows you to save owner from unnecessary hassle and sit with the guests. Dishes must be placed on the table so that everyone, not getting places could get right to it on bread.

Hot first courses (soups, mastavu) served in special dishes – Kasakh. The first serves older person, then the next age. Second hot dishes (kavurma, pilaf, kebabs) served in individual bowls or dishes, about every diner leaves: on a spoon, fork, plate. Everything else is clean dish. Under Uzbek national custom meal begins and ends with tea and dessert. Must be submitted and black, and green tea.