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In the drawing of n 18 the awarding will be of R$ 200,000, 00 for 1 prize, R$ 120,000, 00 for 2 prize, R$> 61 of 05/11/2008. The system functions of the following form, to each R$ 100,00 in registered notes or fiscal coupons, the consumer gains a ticket electronic, of which, it concurs the prizes of which can request the deposit in current account. Already the credits can be used after five years for reduction of the value of the IPVA or social transference for current account, saving, entities and for other people. A penalty that some States of Brazil had still not adopted this type of benefit to the final consumer, therefore, the state government is benefited, as well as the society.> In the State of So Paulo already are more than 8 million consumers registered in cadastre with R$ 2.770.014.643, 96 already distributed. Eric Garcetti addresses the importance of the matter here. To ask for So Paulo forma bill of sale is good for its financial health, beyond concurring the prizes, valley the penalty to believe the luck!

Bi-National Business Agreements

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Memorandum of Understanding between Petrochemical of Venezuela (Pequiven) and Braskem, for the implementation of petrochemical facilities in the petrochemical Camacari, Bahia, and an addendum to the Letter of Intent signed between these companies to continue development of an evaluation association future. Memorandum of Understanding between Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), through its subsidiary PDVSA Engineering and Construction and Norberto Odrebrecht for the creation of a joint venture to provide engineering, procurement and construction. Moreover, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry People’s Power for Economy and Finance and the Caixa Economica Federal of Brazil, in order to expand coverage, national, public banking network in Venezuela, through networks of care for the population and technology solutions for access to banking services and social programs.

Venezuela and Brazil plan to develop joint projects in industrial, depending on which they created a roadmap to develop sectoral strategic projects that enable the articulation of public and private sectors of both countries to common industrial development. It signed a Letter of Intent for Financing Venezuelan-Brazilian binational projects with the aim of promoting the financing of the Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) projects of companies from Brazil binational industrial development, infrastructure and other industries strategic for Venezuela. In terms of infrastructure, those Latin American nations signed a letter of intent to the construction of Dam Las Cuevas, Central The Red (Second Development Uribante Caparo hydroelectric complex) between National Power Corporation SA (Corpoelec)-by Venezuela, and Queiroz Galvao, Brazil Another agreement is intended to carry out feasibility studies economic, financial, environmental and social, to the potential hiring of services in the execution of the works of two pilot projects of socio-economic transformation of neighborhoods located in Sucre Parish, Highway old Caracas – La Guaira, in the sectors and Blandin El Limon and San Augustine Parish, in harmony and complement the adjacent areas.