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Giga Installation

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So all the BIOS settings to set Operating system implemented, the installation disc is inserted into the CD ROM tray begin the installation. Reboot the machine and loaded with a boot disk. Note: When you boot from the install disk may be graying of the event. The first disc will install the OS on their own or offer a boot menu where you can select how to download, choose to work with other utilities. It depends on assembly distribution.

Click to install an operating system By installing the OS itself to tell, in principle, nothing much as the entire installation is held up to run in automatic mode, followed by a description of the current action. As I stated above, the very operating system installation in progress automatically but will still have to answer when deciding on a few logical questions, I think they will not be easy. The only time during the installation process which should be closer to this selection and setup hard disk partition on which OS wakes flooded. Here you will be asked a few options. We look at the picture.

If your computer had an operating system it's wise to first remove all partitions pressing as shown in the figure. Then re-create the view that the main section we will need approximately 20% of the capacity of the hard drive about 20-30 Giga bytes for the remaining sections of the user's choice. For most of installing the OS at this point, you can mark only the primary partition.

Registry Tweaks

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Navigating in the editor. The Registry Editor is divided into two windows. In the left window shows the structure of the registry keys (conductor), the right side – the registry settings contained in the section you are viewing. If left in the editor window highlight a specific section (click on it with the mouse), in the right window will display a list of options that it contains. To change the value by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button.

This opens a window of the parameter. In it, the ‘meaning’ to make the necessary changes and click ‘OK’. Creating a new parameter. First, in the left pane editor (Explorer) to go through the section in which you want a parameter, and select it.

Then in the right pane right-click an empty space (not on the parameters that are there) and from the menu ‘create’, select the appropriate form produced by the parameter. In the will have a new option. Click on the right mouse button, select ‘Rename’, give him the right name. Then specified in the preceding paragraph means asking him the value. 5. To remove the need click the right mouse button and choose delete. II. Registry tweaks: Registry Tweaks (born tweaks – Configuration) – a set of software and operating system stored in the registry. Registry tweaks carried out by REG-files – files that are executed automatically make the necessary changes to the registry. The result is the same as when manually editing the registry via the editor. The necessary files can be REG- create yourself or use ready-made, created by other users. In this case, REG-file can modify a registry entry as well as their entire team (all depends on what is in it to register). In fact, REG-file – it is the plain text file with the reg. That all became clear, open a text editor ‘Notepad’ (go ‘pusk’-‘ programmy’-‘-standartnye” notebook ‘) and in any place save the blank file with the extension in reg. This means that in Notepad should go to the menu ‘file’, select ‘save as’ in the ‘filename’ specified .reg and click ‘save’. The file name can be any name was taken as examples only. The main thing is that the expansion was necessary and a reg point of the name (no spaces). Now, if you make a mouse double click on the saved file, the computer ‘asks’ whether you want to add the information from him on the roster. Even if we press the ‘yes’ to any data in register will not be added because our REG-file does not yet contain any information. To file did work, before saving it to make certain data.