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New Will

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For example: The construction of a great temple with few resources and few people. (Tg 2,18) But it will say somebody: You have faith, and I have workmanships; he shows to me your faith to it without the workmanships, and I will show my faith to you for my workmanships. 6.Mostrando my Force: The Church shows to its force not for its arm muscle, but as an imponent army. To sing 6. 4 and 10 Formosa you are loved mine, as Tirza, aprazvel as Jerusalem, imponent as an army with flags.

(v.10) Who is this that appears as the white of the day, formosa as the moon, brilliant how the sun, imponent as an army with flags? The force of Exercito is shown in its, promptitude, order, disciplines, courage, resistance, intrepidez, self-denial. 7.Formosura of the temple and ours: It sees the priority, first comes Force, later the Formosura. It is better to be Strong that to be Ornamental. The Salmista saw Formosura in the Temple, in its two columns bronze, its high walls, its taboas of coated gold cedar. The temple today is another one, is the body of the believer. It still exists believing deciding what they go to have Fora or Formosura? It has the two. It shows your formosura in your language, your knowledge, your life saint.

8.Trazei offerings: In the Old Will we find the Oblation, the Libation, Holocaustos, Incense. In the New Will the dumb thing radically. It is our proper body as sacrifice has that to be alive. (Rm 12,1) I supplicate you therefore, brothers, for the compassion of God, who you present your bodies as an alive sacrifice, pleasant saint and the God, who is your rational cult. III – RECEIVING the FORCE FROM GOD 1.Onde is that you this receiving the Force? (Dramatizando) I ask: Where she is that you this receiving the Force. First reply: I found the force in Chemistry: I am taking natural multi-vitamins and products. Only as organic foods and I drink drunk energy. My foods are loaded of calories, as many feijoadas. 2.Minha force comes of the academy: (Dramatizando) I am increasing my force making to cooper, swimming, musculao, spinning, martial arts. 3.Minha force comes of cosmic energies: (Dramatizando) I have travelled the determined places of cosmic energy, to receive this force. I make Yoga and transcendental meditation. 4.Minha force comes of the Radio: The radio can inside be of your house, a source, an altar and a satiated table that positive feeds you or negative. The radio can fulfill with some intentions: To inform, to cheer, to awake. You can until saying that it is a pulpit in the sky, a daily cult in its house, but true force does not come of the radio. 5.A Force this in the Sanctuary: The Sanctuary was the Temple in Jerusalem, as national center of worship. Today the Church is the Sanctuary always when the Gloria, Majesty, Fora and Formosura in it can be revealed. When it lacks one of these four elements if it becomes in only one club. Therefore you need to congregate yourself constantly to receive this force that comes of God. 6.Adore Mr. with dresses Santos: (Sl 96,9) You adore the Mr. dresses of suits saints; you tremble ahead with it, all the inhabitants of the land. We are a nation of Priests. (Ec 9,8) your vestments Are always white, and it never lacks the oil on your head.

Interpersonal People

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Musical Inteligncia: He is one of the type rare of intelligence. People with this profile have a great easiness to listen to musics or sounds in general and to identify to different standards and musical notes. They obtain to hear to process sounds beyond what the majority of the people obtains, being capable also to create new musics and unknown harmonias. It has many years behind I worked with a missionary who made the violo to speak with its fingerings. It composes unknown musics in seconds and had a musical ear is of the common one! People with this profile are as if they obtained ' ' enxergar' ' through the sounds.

Some people have this intelligence so evolved that they are capable to learn to touch musical instruments alone. As well as space intelligence, this is one of the types of intelligence strong related to the creativity. Interpersonal Inteligncia: Interpersonal intelligence is a type of on intelligence the natural capacity of leadership. People with this profile of intelligence are extremely active and in general they cause a great admiration in the other people. You lead they are them practical, those that call the responsibility for itself. They are calm, right-handers and have an enormous capacity to convince the people to make everything what it to find convenient.

They are capable also to identify the qualities of the people and to extract optimum of them organizing teams and co-ordinating work in set. The born leaders evidence of stronger form this type of intelligence! Inteligncia Intrapessoal: It is a type rare of intelligence, also related to the leadership. Who develops intrapessoal intelligence has an enormous easiness in understanding what the people think, feels and desires. The shepherds and you lead of ministerial success look for to develop this type of intelligence. In contrast of them you lead interpersonal that they are active, you lead them intrapessoais are more private, exerting the leadership in a more indirect way, through the charisma one and influencing the people through ideas and not of action.