Russian Expanded

But the experienced eye noticing that the forms for the foam blocks are not smeared with grease environmentally safe, I pricked up his ears. And plus the entire producer himself blabbed that production, they add sodium nitrite to a better foaming. But even from the institute, I remember that sodium nitrite is toxic, and the degree of influence on the body is a particularly hazardous. What kind of environmental safety here is all about? Version with foam blocks, I also threw away. Production remained expanded clay concrete blocks. Arriving on the production and viewing the whole process of this material, I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for that suits me in all my criteria – low thermal conductivity due to porosity units, high strength (you can build a few floors), frost resistance and moisture resistance, light weight and cost. and that the most the main thing – lightweight aggregate blocks are an environmentally friendly product.

At their manufacturing use only eco-friendly natural materials, in which I saw myself. The only thing that bothered me, so it's not quite a nice view of the – block – visible bumps expanded clay for the outside it does not do, again raise the question of exterior home. But then the producer asked me svoyutehnologiyu wall construction with facing claydite blocks. Facing blocks have a beautiful external finish, carried out under the 'rubble'. The technology consists of the following: a pre-prepared foundation at the same time erected two walls.

One General: it is laid out entirely from the ranks expanded clay concrete blocks – 3 hollow or full-bodied. The second wall is lined with tiles of expanded clay concrete half-block at 50 mm from the main wall. Between them laid sheets of insulation material (eg foam) 50 mm thick and are glued together with the two walls. Facing the block along with the usual series lightweight aggregate block and laid a layer of insulation between them creates design that will withstand any Russian frosts. Here then I fell away and all doubts. So to summarize. Having considered all the options and materials for the construction of the cottage today, having swept the production and examining their production technology, on balance 'a' and 'against' I came to the conclusion that to build a country house is best suited for all my criteria lightweight aggregate blocks. When you have finished building his house on the above techniques, I was very happy with my choice, because as I promised producer – has turned the house 'at five'! Lightweight aggregate blocks