River Cruises From St. Petersburg, Key Areas

For residents and visitors of the northern capital has always been popular river cruises from St. Petersburg. Thanks to them, you can touch the history of his native land, visiting historical and architectural sites, plenty of admiring the nature of Russia. Sailing ships on the rivers and lakes, where in the old days were the court of ancient warriors and merchants that one can admire the beautiful beaches. St.

Petersburg travel agency offering cruises to everywhere Valaam Island – the Orthodox shrine, where there is soothing atmosphere, river tours from St. Petersburg to the island of Kizhi in Lake Onega, with its unique architectural monument of wooden architecture, excursions by boat to the far Solovki, located in the White Sea, charms its visitors with the beauty of northern nature, water cruises to the Russian capital Moscow, and also in the ancient Russian city of Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. For tourists and holiday luxury ship "Saint – Petersburg", "Kronstadt", "Motherland," "The Enchanted Wanderer", with their comfortable cabins, bars, cozy restaurants and lounges. Perhaps the most popular river cruises from St. Petersburg is a cruise on the island of Valaam, the pearl of Lake Ladoga. Of particular interest this cruise is for Orthodox Christians and believers of Russia and all over the world, as they may touch the holy sites Christianity, having been in the Valaam Monastery, founded in the first century after Christ of St.

Andrew, according to UNESCO recognized the most beautiful place in Europe. It was here, on Valaam, the cradle Russian Orthodox Christianity. Take a guided tour by boat to Balaam, tourists can admire the beautiful nature of Karelia, to receive pleasure and peace of the infinite expanse of water Lake Ladoga. A rich program of the cruise, which includes, apart from visits to Balaam, too, and parking on the island Konevets with him, no less beautiful, convent, and a visit to the fortress Shlisselburg finds every year new fans.