Rest In Paradise – Maldives

And you know what most excellent way to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life – quickly gather their bags and leave for an interesting trip? But where? For a trip to Turkey and the usual Arab Republic of Egypt, the winter – not the most a good time, besides not enough hunting to share your own holiday with countless compatriots. To forget all the difficulties and get the incomparable pleasure of traveling, it is important to completely exclusive, special place. One of these fabulous places on our planet is astounding the Republic of Maldives. Maldives has long been known – is more than a thousand islands, half of those who – are uninhabited. Here summer reigns yielding year-round water temperature – 24-27 C, temperature – 25-30 S.

Travelers meet wonderful paint located around nature – as white as snow sand, blue sky, crystal clear Indian Ocean. Holidays in the Maldives Islands can not be forgotten, and those who were here one day, dreams of falling back into a true paradise on earth … In the Maldives, in most cases, on an island located just a comfortable hotel. In all of this travelers most likely to sit in a bungalow on stilts right on the water, not only in luxury bungalows on the island. Only here you can follow the multicolored coral fish through the transparent floor cozy bedrooms. Each reef is surrounded by a coral atoll, in consequence of this can not be afraid of powerful waves.