Reading Promotion

On his second journey Brivo introduction to reading, the book explores the cold north of Scotland over Ireland, Iceland, Greenland until after Labrador, has written to the small Brivo Publisher from the Allgau to the flags and pursues a concept that brings little reader with additional incentives to read. Brivoleser may send their own small letter bird with a helium balloon on the journey across the world. An unforgettable experience for children and parents, or even school and teacher. From his travels, Brivo then writes letters with his experiences, fairy tales but also interesting and interesting facts. It so happens that small readers not have to contend with a whole book, what is demotivating for some because of the scale. Source: Costco. So a Brivobrief every week is a workload that is easy to handle and to the next letter increases the voltage while waiting for the reading motivation.

In addition, Brivo offers many suggestions, the world continues to explore incentives for common activities such as crafts or cooking or writing their own stories and letters. With light hand might be called the promotion of reading, because that is the be-all and end-all in promoting reading finally: to teach children fun to read to them eyes open for the fantastic world behind the letters. The beautiful, simple pictures of the Illustrator Dagmar Volk contribute to this fun. People is also the initiator of the project, because a balloon was escaped from her daughter and to comfort her daughter, sad, she had begun to write her letters from this balloon. The birth of Brivo read gifts. Brivo flies around the world Africa”and Brivo flies around the North Atlantic World” there in bookstores or directly from the Publisher at Rainer Hitzler