New Special Content

The new topic content from my notebook are ideal thoughts catcher and reminders for upcoming holidays. My notebook has developed two brand new special content for all GlobeTrotter, Globe-Trotter, camping enthusiasts and tent vacationers. The online Configurator on my now waiting with the personal travel diary and the practical camping guide. 128 pages it can be documented in the special contents of “Travel” the holiday or just the memories held in very special places. Each destination and each destination is evaluated from different points of view. There is, for example, highly recommended restaurants in the vicinity? What does my holiday destination for cultural peculiarities? How can I make my spare time here? The answers to these questions and many more can enter travelers in her personal diary. So the special contents of “Travel” for future vacation trips serves as a perfect and reliable reminder.

As well, the contact details of the vacation acquaintances find their place here or also other important addresses and phone numbers. With the special content “Camping”, a complete check of the resort, as well as the campsite can be made as well on 128 pages. Through the many different ways of specifying the travelers documented the advantages and disadvantages of the square and the tourist region. In what state are the toilets? Are there any restaurants in the vicinity? Which destinations can be reached on foot or by bike? The answers to these questions and many more enters the camper in his camp diary and has a helpful overview of already established camp sites and their quality for upcoming trips. Much Reiser, passionate hikers and camping enthusiasts will be delighted by this topic content developed specifically for them. So they can document exactly which locations she visited so far and what a renewed travel are worth? Of course, the notebook for the trip can be customized also.