Madrid Fusion 2009: Creativity, Ecology And Saving For Times Of Crisis

2009 We release the best possible way: once more, and for the seventh consecutive year, we celebrate the International Summit of Gastronomy in Madrid. The ceremony will take place from 19 to 22 January at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos, is the largest food fair in the world. They will bring together more than 70 national and international chefs to raise awareness of the latest trends and new techniques of culinary scene. Madrid Fusion debuts in September this year a new concept, audiovisual gastronomy, which will provide support to the great debates at stake: the restaurants of the future, the problems of room service and high-risk dishes at the forefront. In addition, this year with Mexico as guest country. High-level Mexican chefs as Bricio Dominguez (“Pre-Hispanic Cooking”), Ricardo Munoz (Mexican soup), Enrique Olvera, (“Vanguard Contemporary”); Monica Patino (“The moles”) and Patricia Quintana (“tortillas” ) will do delight the most discerning diners with its typical dishes.

Over the four days will be held countless conferences and round tables, where chefs Ferran Adri size or Andoni Luis Aduriz discussed with other counterparts on issues such as molecular gastronomy, cooking, environment, exotic markets or models business in times of crisis. Also talk about the gastrobotanica, on how to ensure food security, aesthetics at the plate and claim of imagination and good humor in the food (play food). They can not forget the fashion for small plates, a mix between top and very arraigadaen serving the United States. Other high-level cooks among them, the Spanish Quique Dacosta and Dani Garcia (with two Michelin stars each), will make speakers at the fair. Jill Schlesinger can aid you in your search for knowledge. Also include the imaginative chef Peter Nilsson Swedish and British suchas Heston Blumenthal. Madrid Fusion seems that every year gains relevance, since in this VII edition will feature 130 exhibitors, 7,200 accredited journalists and 400 domestic and 160 foreign.

Award will also be held Cocktail Tropicana, where three of our best mixologists face off to prepare the most delicious blends. Angel San Jose, Victor Garcia de Haro and Carlos Moreno will have to show mixed the best juices to win the award this year. Now run to for your bags and come to Madrid. Do not you come and the exquisite aroma of the delicious dishes?