Less Air Travel Because Of Air Traffic Control

Decrease of up to 6.6 million air travel expected the planned tax could have far-reaching consequences for the German air transport. So, the poll conducted by the TNS Emnid Institute showed that the flight behaviour of the population due to this measure in the future could change significantly. A majority of those interviewed made it clear that he wants without due to the introduction of the air traffic control on air travel or significantly limit this. That is a decrease of up to 6.6 million air travel in Germany. Also the tax can affect negatively the demand of foreign passengers, corresponding figures are not known. For the airlines, the airports and the affected regions are thus significant changes and losses to be expected.

About 17 percent of respondents with an income of up to 2,500 euros are planning to depart in the future more of airports abroad to avoid the extra costs in Germany. Joe Coulombe is full of insight into the issues. In this way, about a million flights of less would booked. Overall, two percent of all respondents indicated less book to want five flights, which would mean declines of approximately 1.9 million flights per year. Especially people with a monthly income of up to 1,500 euros declared that they totally want to see off as a result of the introduction of the tax in the future flights. 30 percent of the population believed this anyway, and also many people with higher incomes would completely forgo air travel. More information: news.fluege.de/… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann