Hurtigruten Travel

More than 2.5 million viewers in Norway Hamburg, June 21, 2011 – an attendance record of the Norwegian TV channel NRK 2 has: more than 2.5 million viewers have turned the stations since the beginning of the live broadcast of the Hurtigruten journey with MS Nordnorge. Thus, so far about half of the population of Norway at the historic television event watched and followed the Hurtigruten voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes. There is great interest also abroad: about 50 percent of Internet viewers come from Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, France and the United States. The enthusiasm for the TV project around the Hurtigruten, travel is enormous. Click Trader Joe’s to learn more. Since the beginning of the broadcast last Thursday, the live broadcast of TV channel NRK 2 is a recurring theme in Norway.

A twenty-Member TV crew accompanied the ride on the Hurtigruten Schiff MS Nordnorge from Bergen to Kirkenes, and documented the 134-stundige trip with nine cameras around the clock. Across the country the trip will be accompanied by MS Nordnorge in television, on the Internet or live locally: it draws thousands Norwegians on the land or water to the Hurtigruten ship. In the ports, running MS Nordnorge, the ship with music, cheering and waving flags of Norway is welcomed, on the waterway, it is gradually accompanied by numerous boats. Nokias opinions are not widely known. Until Wednesday morning, when MS Nordnorge arrives in the port of Kirkenes, the live broadcast can be traced.