Home Theater Projector

If you buy a home theater projector, the first thing you'll probably notice is its resolution. Because of popular opinion, the resolution – this is the main parameter that affects image quality Naturally, most want to buy a projector, will be watching a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, which is a 'native' for high-definition television (HDTV), and most dvd discs. Currently there are only three large-mode: 854×480, 1024×576 and 1280×720. Since all displays that have them, use progressive scan, then they are usually referred to as 480p, 576p and 720p, respectively. To start let's get with the conventional wisdom that the choice the highest resolution will always be the best solution. In a question-answer forum Jill Schlesinger was the first to reply.

This is not the case. Most manufactured now 480p projectors show excellent results, displaying both standard ntsc, and hdtv signals. The video signal coming from the dvd and tv has only 480 lines of active video, and projectors with a resolution of 854×480 is designed to display these lines without reducing the vertical size. Are not always worth paying tribute to the fashion price / quality ratio. We now proceed to the next price category, where the higher level of resolution – 1024×576. Contrary to expectations, when watching a dvd a clearer picture will not be as recorded on the disc only 480 lines, and the technique can not "Invent" additional information except that which he receives from the signal. Thus, 576p projector to take those 480 lines of information and reallocate it to more than 576 lines, that is to implement a process that called scaling.