Gambia Reports

In our block, we report our Spahr. Usually we write why in Livebrichten daily about our journey again a new blog? During the preparations for our past trips I have abided always’s blog. There was personally reported and thus it could not fall for inflated advertising promises. For this reason we thought, that we can help with our blog a little, to return just this assistance, which we ourselves have experienced. And thus the idea emerged to open a personal blog.

We were in the last time idly. Unfortunately, we have published our recent travel reports on free content. This proved in hindsight not really happy. Gradually disappear the images from the articles and post processing of the reports on various pages infinite trouble and takes a very long time. That’s why we are just to cover all reports on a page together. We can only any advise, should he pursue this idea, right a little money to invest and are looking for an own hoster to then build the page on their own. What awaits you on our page? We report on our trips in fun and informal texts. Since we’re usually longer (approximately 6-7 weeks), we report our experience in a daily liveblog. So far our reports arrived very well, so us already suggestions have been made that we should simply create an E-book. Well let’s see! Soon it goes to the Gambia. Unfortunately found not many travel reports on the net, so that we will write our report more detail than until now! Stephan new