Former Parliamentarians

In this regard we draw attention to held in Limassol in November, another important event. A joint initiative of and under the patronage of the House of Representatives and the Association of Former Parliamentarians of Cyprus held a symposium on combating terrorism Mediterranean, at the opening which made Parliament Speaker Dimitris Christofias. Theme, no doubt, complex and multifaceted. Music downloads shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The symposium was held under the banner of the Barcelona Declaration, the practical implementation of concrete is with regard to its provisions on the establishment and development partnership between the EU and the Mediterranean in the field of security, confidence building measures, making this region a zone of peace free from weapons of mass destruction. Main -Emphasized at the symposium is to determine the causes that impel individuals or political groups to commit teraktsii and confront them professional, thoughtful and concerted measures. The general conclusion participants is that the starting point should be the fight against poverty, in which large numbers of people live, what pushes people to desperate acts, against inequality, violation of national and economic rights, a struggle to bridge the enormous gap between "rich" and "poor" to achieve compliance with internationally accepted norms of communication. The final document, the Declaration calls for the joint action against xenophobia, extremism and intolerance, racism, against artificially created and propagated by the media fear Islam.

The symposium was discussed and so urgent for the European Mediterranean countries, primarily in Spain, Italy and Greece, the problem of illegal immigration, which this summer was especially acute. The Spanish Canary Islands have detained 29 thousand Italians – on the islands of Sicily, Lampedusa and others-b Greater than 12 thousand illegal immigrants have fled mainly from Africa and trying to get into the European "paradise". The Forum welcomed the establishment of the future September Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and the Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean. We briefly mention only three took place in the last weeks of the event. They are, in our opinion, are closely linked and complement each other organically. They are, to give impetus to efforts to stabilize the Mediterranean and practical content to fill the process of Dialogue among Civilizations, which is now deployed in different directions. Cyprus joins in this process can make a valuable contribution.