Expedia Travel TrendWatch 01 / 2010

Twice a year the trend report on current developments in the online travel market informed facts and trends in the online travel market. The contents are based on data and analysis of Expedia.de, as well as interviews with third market experts. Read in this Edition: tourism a market for bargain seekers before the holiday is the price battle. This is a realistic, but not a nice picture of the really most beautiful weeks of the year. Put in 1-to 2-star about one-third compared to the previous year this summer. The maximum one-week vacations dominate clearly in the travel duration. What are the backgrounds of the strong focus of the price? Expedia.de interviewed by market experts and gone the bargain trend to the bottom. Price the Germans versus quality what is really important? The focus is the irrational actions of the Germans at the holiday booking.

While travel arrangements, the quality criteria play an important role, will be decided when booking later almost exclusively on the basis of price. Is not that uncommon evil awakening on the spot, if the quality falls short of expectations. Tips from consumer protection agencies and Expedia.de help quality-conscious bargain hunters. Views: remote destinations weather forecast hot and after July the long-distance travel bookings attract now clearly. But where are we going? The meteorologist recommends it is again changing destinations outside Germany, because in August and September. Scandinavia and the United Kingdom are expected to be spoiled by a warm late summer. In September, also the southern hemisphere is a hot tip. Expedia.de shows the Germans the top long-haul destinations. To download, visit the summer issue of the Expedia Travel TrendWatch on Expedia.de Press website: press.expedia.de/studien-und-trends.aspx fischerAppelt Kommunikation Munchen GmbH