Edge Water

1% – the serial marriage and the marriage is in transit. I can give the following advice, which I follow. Maybe they would be contrary to your experience and ideas, but hopefully with common sense, I have everything in order. I have my plate. My warm water from the tap.

Me once, when the plate came to me. Very rarely, the procedure can be repeated. The reason may be trivial annoying cases where plate, for example, fell into the hands of his wife)). According to Jack Fusco, who has experience with these questions. When washing, I use baby soap without coloring and flavoring additives. This method has demonstrated to me buddy "with vinyl experience." And I was pleased with the result. Here is a description this process. The plate is cupped over the edge.

At first, my one-way. Remember how to double it does not wash! It happens. So start with "first hand". Substitute the plate under running tap water. Walk around – I wash off dust and dirt. Water pressure at all manipulations must be weak. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sonny Perdue. Temperature – room or slightly higher. Try not to drip on the paper "apple". I am right handed – so take a plate in his left hand. The thumb rests on the edge plate, she would bear the palm. The middle finger rests against the hole in the "apple", ie in the center. Then I take a broad brush to paint with a rigid pile (it is white, you can link together a number of brushes). Soaping her – on the a bar of soap make a rotation around the axis of the brush – like a funnel. I see that the brush in the foam and start lathering already wet plate. Make sure it moves back and forth along the rim from the edge to the center. At the same plate in the palm of Virtue to itself. When the plate is so full lather, clean brush. I take the wet cotton swab and pass the plate around the circle – again from the edge to the center, moves back and forth. Then thoroughly wash the lather from the disc under running water. Doing the same with the second party. I try to keep the moisture and the foam did not fall on a paper apple – I do not want divorce. Namyta plate, it is visible on the water drops dripping from it. I put vinyl first one and then another party at the towel – to excess moisture absorbed. Wipe the plate is not necessary, put it on edge, leaning against the top of one side to the absorbent surface. Dry plate pretty quickly. On apples remain traces of the wet spots, do not panic, they just take longer to dry. That's the whole process. I'll note that the "cleaning" you can use other means. Some use a sponge for dishes, soft cloth of different textures, a variety of cleaning supplies – such as one drop "Fairy" in a glass of water. There are, as they say, and super-funds – such as special solidifying gels – struck, lifted and order. I have not met. I will not say anything. Choose methods care records, of course, to you. If my experience is useful – I will be glad. Although I do not think he's perfect. He's just mine.